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Quality Link Building
Off-Page Optimization

Website development is the first step that new startups do to establish themselves and get their very own online presence. In such cases, the rank of web pages are of utmost importance. Although the content of the webpage is of high significance, that is not the only criterion that determines the worth of the webpage. This is where Quality Link Building (Off-Page Optimization) makes an entry.

Importance of links

Links play an important role when it comes to website development and link building is the process of acquiring links from other websites to your own. Backlinks are an important indicator in determining the rank of a website. Backlinks refer to links from other websites that point to your website. Links indicate the importance of a website and tell the search engine how it should rank the website in its results.

Having a high rank will increase the traffic of the website and inadvertently leads to increase in popularity of the website. According to studies, detailed explanation of the product in the form of PPT/PDF submissions helps users understand the webpage.

Social Marketing

To increase the number of backlinks from reputed sites, developers or companies need to turn to social marketing tools like blogs submission, wiki pages, yahoo answers to name a few. Social bookmarking is another great tool. Pages bookmarked at these sites are considered good backlinks by many search engines. Infographic submissions are highly effective in SEO’s. Infographics refers to a graphical representation of data or information.

Studies show that people prefer to look at and remember graphical data rather than textual data. Forums and question answering sites are yet another way of social marketing. Podcast submission is becoming a popular alternative for video submissions and article submissions. Many companies like SEO Mania offer just this, social marketing and web development. They suggest various tactics to get a good ranking and improve your social presence. They enable you to take the first step towards SEO.

Link building