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Organic Search

The process of obtaining a high ranking in an unpaid search engine.


Link Building

Custom link building is the specialty of our full-service link building company.


Paid Search

Customers who are actively seeking products can be reached this way by SEM, PPC


SEO Auditing

An assessment of how well your website aligns with best practices

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About Us

We are The Best SEO Company in Delhi

The SEO solutions we offer ensure that your brand appears on the first page of search results and provides a wonderful user experience that attracts, engages, and converts.
SEO is more than just ranking highly in Google search results. You need to know the audience's objectives, needs, and efforts. We use a proven SEO strategy to increase conversion rates.

Do you want to dominate Google's first page?

A team of exceptional professional SEOs is ready to engage with you about SEO for your website to lay foundation in the virtual world.

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How It Works

Our Process

Keyword Research is a major part of SEO

The goal of SEO professionals is to increase search engine rankings through the use of keywords. The first step we take is to learn about your business and what you need. It is our goal to understand your objectives, products, and production.

  • Our strategy is always to select keywords with the fewest competitors.
  • Our analysis of search data will also ensure that your keywords are relevant.
  • This will help us target the campaign to the most relevant keywords.
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Analyze Website

Analyzing your backlinks is an integral part of any website analysis. Check your domain score, your traffic metrics, and who links to you. You can then see what is working and what needs improvement.

  • We map out your ideal website journey based on your goals.
  • Discover What Really Happens When You Use Your Website.
  • Brainstorm causes and solutions and compare reality with your ideal and resolve it.
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Report Results

A search engine optimization report outlines the results of your work. An enterprise website and assets can be made more visible to Google through this method. The reports provide keywords, keyword volume, new visitors, visitors overall, and conversion metrics for the website.

  • Your clients' online presence is enhanced by utilizing social media.
  • The work we do should lead to an increase in traffic for your clients over time.
  • We help our clients by tracking all their reports for SEO.
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SEO Company in Delhi

Welcome to SEO Mania – a leading SEO service provider company in Delhi. The term SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and its main aim is to alter a particular webpage's position in the web search engine's results. Usually, those Web Pages garner a number of visitors if their particular website is in the top of the search list.
This turns out to have a cumulative effect on the websites' popularity and the visitors can be converted to customers. SEO takes a different approach and goes other kinds of search. These include an image, video, news, maps and many others. SEO is one of the best methods used for digital marketing.

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Local SEO

Local SEO Services in Delhi

The basic question that arises in the mind when one reads about this is why need of Local SEO Service, because the conventional search engine optimizes a webpage's popularity on the internet when a user enters local search for the business' products. The SEO mainly focuses on a much larger scale that involves nationwide searches of that particular product. This brings out the web page of the business on the national forum and hence helps in marketing of the business.

The local SEO usually senses how search engines work and according to that, it optimizes the specific website. It takes into account all the variables such as what the people search for, the actual content, the keywords typed in while searching generally and the specific search engine that is targeted by the major public. It then incorporates these variables and makes specific changes in the content and even in the code part to increase the relevance of the web page.

White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO vs Gray Hat SEO

Another method involves the SEO company promotion of the particular website which increases the number of inbound links. An inbound link is basically when a website is linked to many other websites of the same category.
When a search is redirected to a specific website, it results in a single inbound link. Hence, a higher number of inbound links indicates that the particular website is more important and during a search result, this website is given higher priority.
The above method also has a second priority in which, suppose a website has an inbound link from the previously considered much stronger and important website.

SEO Audit

Website Technical SEO Audit

Website Technical SEO Audit Services: SEO Audit is necessary to review and resolve any issues in SEO, in order to make the SEO ideal. An in-depth Website on-page Audit is an extensive procedure and is very helpful in resolving the issues with the website and making it more effective than before. It must be ensured that every aspect of the website is being covered in the SEO Audit. Every angle needs to be scrutinized in order to spot errors and get to the bottom of the problems. Website Technical SEO Audit is not an easy task and that is why more and more websites are in favor of hiring professionals for this particular task.

The process of Website on-Page Audit can be made simpler with the aid of specialists. SEO Mania offers the clients the ideal Website Technical SEO Audit in order to amplify the fame of the website, ultimately becoming a factor behind the enhanced functioning.

Website on-page SEO

Win these fast paced ages of technology, most of the content and data we come across are presented to us as web content. Whether it is a journal, book or a blog, web content in the form of text, pictures, audios, videos and flash content are gaining more and more popularity with the passing of each day. With millions of such web content floating all over the internet, a particular web page needs to stand out so that it is able to reach a considerable amount of people.

There are various ways by which a page can improve its reach including the methods of social media promotion and improving on its content. However, the most common method by which a page gains more visibility is a search engine like Google. In order to increase its visibility on a search engine, proper optimization of the web page is necessary. The technique through which this is achieved is known as Website on-page Optimization or Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Website On-page Optimization is a technique by which a page is made to stand out in the search engine suggestions and search results. The particular website or webpage is made to appear amongst the top results in the search performed. This is accomplished by optimizing the page and altering its design up to some extent. Now make your web content stand out using Website on-page Optimization technologies by SEO Mania.

on-page SEO
Link Building

Quality Link Building - Off-Page Optimization

Website development is the first step that new startups do to establish themselves and get their very own online presence. In such cases, the rank of web pages are of utmost importance. Although the content of the webpage is of high significance, that is not the only criterion that determines the worth of the webpage. This is where Quality Link Building (Off-Page Optimization) makes an entry.

Importance of Backlinks

Links play an important role when it comes to website development and link building is the process of acquiring links from other websites to your own. Backlinks are an important indicator in determining the rank of a website. Backlinks refer to links from other websites that point to your website. Links indicate the importance of a website and tell the search engine how it should rank the website in its results. Having a high rank will increase the traffic of the website and rashly leads to increase in popularity of the website. According to studies, detailed explanation of the product in the form of PPT/PDF submissions helps users understand the webpage.

Social Marketing

To increase the number of backlinks from reputed sites, developers or companies need to turn to social marketing tools like blogs submission, wiki pages, yahoo answers to name a few. Social bookmarking is another great tool. Pages bookmarked at these sites are considered good backlinks by many search engines. Infographic submissions are highly effective in SEO’s. Infographics refers to a graphical representation of data or information. Studies show that people prefer to look at and remember graphical data rather than textual data. Forums and question answering sites are yet another way of social marketing. Podcast submission is becoming a popular alternative for video submissions and article submissions. Many companies like SEO Mania offer just this, social marketing and web development. They suggest various tactics to get a good ranking and improve your social presence. They enable you to take the first step towards SEO.

Social Marketing

Keywords Research

Due to the usage of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), there have been many changes in the methods of advertising a business product. One of the main aspects of SEO is the keywords research procedure which is detailed in the following steps. Basically, keywords research is done by the public by using the keywords to get results about the actual terms and then particular research can be done.

Steps to implement Keywords Research Technique

A list has to be formed which contains all the information about the relevant and important topics related to the business. This helps in including all the major fields of the business and its products. A group of similar topics may also be formed. These lists are usually called as buckets.

Next step would be to fill the topic with the keywords. The keywords must be carefully chosen according to the most used words by the public. It would be beneficial if the keywords almost match with the search engine results page (SERP). SEO Mania has an innovative procedure that is used to fill up the topics list with the appropriate keywords. Also, researching about the terms related to the actual keywords would be preferable. This helps in understanding the topics which public focuses on.

It is necessary to keep the keywords density in an optimal limit. There are two types of keywords that can be used namely, head terms and long-tailed keywords. The former phrase implies the keywords that are short in length and address the general topic. Usually, these keywords' length isn't more than three words. The long-tailed keywords generally are specific to a certain topic. While doing the research, companies such as SEO Mania use the tactic of maintaining keywords density. It would be preferable to see the ranking of the set of keywords by competitors in the field. This helps to gauge their strengths and weaknesses.

Further, if the keywords list turns out to be very long, usage of third party companies such as SEO Mania is recommended. Over the years, there has been untold methods and algorithm to promote any product on any online portal. But the very procedure of keywords research hasn't changed. This attests to the fact that this particular step has been instrumental in the advertisement of any business product.

Competitor analysis

The growing need on the internet among the companies to attract more website traffic has lead to a fierce competition among them. This calls for an optimal tool to keep a gauge on the online market behavior and thereby adopting suitable e-marketing strategies. Competitors analysis is regarded the most critical part of any marketing strategy.

Competitors analysis a business can effectively outsmart its top competitors by carefully analyzing the competitors’ strength and weakness. A good competitor analysis would first require the company in consideration to identify its top competitor. Secondly, it would want the company in consideration to find its market share and do a SWOT analysis, based on which a competition portfolio is built.

The final stage is to plan and execute the revised strategies and keep a responsive follow-up on the same. Taking the same analysis to the growing online world, tools such Search Engine Optimization (SEO) becomes a prerequisite. But for a company to concentrate on the internal plan as well as marketing may prove to be mischievous. Here a specialized agency such as SEO Mania can play a crucial role.

SEO Mania is a service provider based in Delhi that specializes in handling and optimizing the online marketing in accordance with the policy of its clients.
Search Engine Optimization at SEO Mania, Delhi involves a four-fold approach. It begins with a Title Analysis on parameters like its length, keyword placement, wordings used in the title and usage of the company name.
This is followed by a Keyword Analysis. With the help of analytics tool like AdWords, the desired keyword is chosen to attract maximum website traffic.

Thirdly, Meta Description Analysis which gauges the correct company description to that of its competitor. Lastly is the Back-link Analysis.
The SEO also incorporates the use of competitors’ analysis which is basically comparing the strengths and weaknesses of particular companies in the same field of business and determining the strategy to increase the number of visitors on the particular web page.

With the advent of internet, there have been major changes in the advertisement aspect of any business product.
The use of Search Engine Optimization techniques has become necessary in the present day. SEO Mania is one such company in the country which has pioneered and has been successful in implementing these techniques.

Content Marketing

Earlier times saw a marketing strategy that is becoming lesser and lesser by the passing days as now, Content Marketing is prominent worldwide. With the way content marketing has been introduced, it is surely making things better and better. Content Marketing is a term used to describe the method of creation and distribution of true content so that it gets known to the audience and ultimately, it can gain profitable customer action.

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“We actually benefit from SEOMANIA in quite a few ways. Due to the information and data they provide, they help us attract new clients, retain existing clients, and drive business through SEO. We can ensure our clients' search marketing strategy is effective and that it contributes to their bottom line.”

Mr. Alok Gupta

CEO at Spacewood Interiors

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“We saw an improvement in client performance with SEOMANIA. Our keyword targeting has improved and we have been able to observe how well each keyword performs. By working with SEOMANIA, we were able to easily demonstrate to all of our clients all the great work that we were able to do and provide.”

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MD at Kavyansh Group

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