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Why Need SEO?

The term SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and its main aim is to alter a particular webpage's position in the web search engine's results. Usually, those WebPages garner a number of visitors if their particular website is in the top of the search list. This turns out to have a cumulative effect on the websites' popularity and the visitors can be converted to customers. SEO takes a different approach and goes other kinds of search. These include an image, video, news, maps and many others. SEO is one of the best methods used for Social Media Optimization.


The basic question that arises in the mind when one reads about this is why need of SEO service. The conventional search engine optimizes a webpage's popularity on the internet when a user enters local search for the business' products. The SEO mainly focuses on a much larger scale that involves nationwide searches of that particular product. This brings out the web page of the business on the national forum and hence helps in marketing of the business.


The SEO usually senses how search engines work and according to that, it optimizes the specific website. It takes into account all the variables such as what the people search for, the actual content, the keywords typed in while searching generally and the specific search engine that is targeted by the major public. It then incorporates these variables and makes specific changes in the content and even in the code part to increase the relevance of the web page.

Another method involves the promotion of the particular website which increases the number of inbound links. An inbound link is basically when a website is linked to many other websites of the same category. When a search is redirected to a specific website, it results in a single inbound link. Hence, a higher number of inbound links indicates that the particular website is more important and during a search result, this website is given higher priority.

The above method also has a second priority in which, suppose a website has an inbound link from the previously considered much stronger and important website. The search engines have complex algorithms which deem this website as the second most important one although another third website may have a higher number of inbound links but from weaker websites.

There are many other methods and procedures that an SEO follows such as usage of crawlers, increasing prominence of a website, using White Hat versus Black Hat Techniques and many others. Sometimes, SEO also uses a median of the previously mentioned technique which is termed as Grey Hat.


The optimization technique also involves On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. The former term basically edits the content as well as the HTML source code of the page whereas the latter makes changes and directs to the specific links and different external signals.

The SEO also incorporates the use of competitors’ analysis which is basically comparing the strengths and weaknesses of particular companies in the same field of business and determining the strategy to increase the number of visitors on the particular web page.


With the advent of internet, there have been major changes in the advertisement aspect of any business product. The use of Search Engine Optimization techniques has become necessary in the present day. SEO Mania is one such company in the country which has pioneered and has been successful in implementing these techniques.

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