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Competitors analysis - SEO Mania

Competitors analysis - SEO Mania

The growing need on the internet among the companies to attract more website traffic has lead to a fierce competition among them. This calls for an optimal tool to keep a gauge on the online market behavior and thereby adopting suitable e-marketing strategies. Competitors analysis is regarded the most critical part of any marketing strategy. With the help of this analysis, a business can effectively outsmart its top competitors by carefully analyzing the competitors’ strength and weakness.

A good competitor analysis would first require the company in consideration to identify its top competitor. Secondly, it would want the company in consideration to find its market share and do a SWOT analysis, based on which a competition portfolio is built. The final stage is to plan and execute the revised strategies and keep a responsive follow-up on the same. Taking the same analysis to the growing online world, tools such Search Engine Optimization (SEO) becomes a prerequisite. But for a company to concentrate on the internal plan as well as marketing may prove to be counter-productive. Here a specialised agency such as SEO Mania can play a crucial role. SEO Mania is a service provider based in Delhi that specialises in handling and optimizing the online marketing in accordance with the policy of its clients.

Search Engine Optimization at SEO Mania, Delhi involves a four-fold approach. It begins with a Title Analysis on parameters like its length, keyword placement, wordings used in the title and usage of the company name. This is followed by a Keyword Analysis. With the help of analytics tool like AdWords, the desired keyword is chosen to attract maximum website traffic. Thirdly, Meta Description Analysis which gauges the correct company description to that of its competitor. Lastly is the Back-link Analysis.

The central idea is to get an overview of the top competitor and make relevant changes to one’s company attributes so as to not miss on any factor that would deter the company to attain the top position, here it is in terms of its online presence.

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